Tips to Remove Office Setup for MAC 2011

Here, We are sharing some tips to uninstall the Office Setup for MAC 2011. Follow the steps to remove the Office manually…

Step1: Open the Application on Your MAC and Drag the Office 2011 Folder to Trash

Step2: Press Option & GO Key Together, Click on Home and Access Library. Select all the file of “” extension and move them to trash.

Step3: To Keep Your Custom Templates, Copy them to new folder.

Step4: Remove the “” files from the Library. Double click on Hard Disk under the path Go → Computer. Go to the Library to access launch Daemons. Select ””move to Trash. Now open Library from preferences to remove “

Step5: Restart Your MAC

Take Out Microsoft Folders along with the Office Setup 2011 files:

Step1: Double Click on Hard Disk icon under the GO → Computer

Step2: Access Application Support ← Go to Library

Step3: Drag the Microsoft Folder to Trash. Now Open receipts from the library and move all files starting from “office2011_” to Trash.

Step4: Restart the MAC

Go to Desktop and rename the Microsoft User Data Folder

Step1: Click Go and then Computer, Double-click your hard disk icon

Step2: Open Application Support from Library, Take the Microsoft folder to Trash and then open Fonts back from Library

Step3: Take the Microsoft Folder to Trash and open Receipt to drag Microsoft files that started with Office2011_ to Trash

Step4: Restart Your MAC

Take out all Office Application Icons

Holding the Control key and hit Office application icon in the Dock. Repeat this process  with every application icon. Press on Options and Remove from Dock

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